Collaborating with SIGMA

SIGMA has expertise and experience in a wide range of design and analysis challenges faced by clinical, epidemiological, and genetic studies. We can implement solutions in several statistical packages such as R, SAS, and SPSS, or provide others assistance in doing so. Our services include:

  1. Designing studies
    • sample size or power calculation
    • randomization
    • statistical analysis plan
  2. Analyzing data
  3. Interpreting results
  4. Writing statistical components for manuscripts and grant proposals

In addition to traditional clinical trials and epidemiological studies, our research focus is on Data Integration which has allowed us to foster unique collaborative expertise in the following areas:


Conventional pairwise meta-analysis

    1. Meta-analysis of intervention studies
    2. Assessment of heterogeneity, publication bias, and meta-regression
    3. Independent participants data (IPD) meta-analysis
    4. Cumulative meta-analysis
    5. Sample size for meta-analysis
    6. Multivariate meta-analysis

Network meta-analysis

    1. Frequestist network meta-analysis
    2. Bayesian network meta-analysis
    3. Ranking interventions
    4. Assessment of heterogeneity, publication bias, and network meta-regression
    5. Assessment of inconsistency
    6. Goodness of fit

Meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) studies

    1. Bivariate random effects model
    2. Hierarchical Summary ROC (HS-ROC)

High-dimensional data — emphasis on genomics/genetics:

  1. Complex diseases and quantitative traits
    • RNA or MicroRNA (gene) expression studies
    • Candidate gene studies
    • Genome-wide association studies
    • Epigenetic/Epigenomics studies
    • Microbiome studies
  2. Identification and dealing with issues such as population stratification and admixtures
  3. Power and sample size calculations
  4. Clustering and class prediction
  5. Pathway and gene set enrichment analysis
  6. Identifying regions with copy number variations

Starting a collaboration

We generally expect in our collaborations:

  • Co-authorship for intellectual contributions
  • A standard cost-recovery rate of $70/hour for most services

To request a free, brief initial consult to discuss the project, including timeline and payment, please fill out a collaborations request form.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Binod Neupane, our Collaborations Coordinator, at